Thursday, September 18, 2014

Under the Weather

Zac was really sick last week. Feel free to send him belated get well wishes through, the pouch system, or the mailing address listed earlier in this blog.  It may take a bit for him to receive letters and post cards but he really appreciates them. He can't print out emails at the internet cafe so he'd really like some physical letters he can have on hand to refer to when he's missing his friends (which is always!).  Anyway, here's a brief excerpt from his letter this week:

Peruvians think if you are sick and drink something cold you're gonna get worse, and if you drink soda you're basically gonna die.  
In other news, I saw a group of kids playing in the street a few days ago and realized one of the kids was whirling around a dead rat by its tail at the other children.  That must have been why they were running.  So there's that. . . . 
I really miss Mexican food. There's no tortillas or salsa or anything in that family down here. I would kill for Chipotle. 

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