Saturday, September 6, 2014

Peruvian Birthday Traditions

We won't hear from Zac again until Monday but in the meantime I found some information from other missionaries in Zac's district this week. A district is a group of 6 missionaries.  Apparently, in Peru it's traditional to have eggs thrown at your head on your birthday.  This is a picture of Zac's district leader, Elder Gonzalez.  It was his birthday this week and he got the full egg treatment.  You can see Zac in the background.

Elder Gonzalez is training Elder Craft who was with Zac in the Peru MTC.  Zac and Elder Craft became very good friends in the MTC so Zac is happy that Elder Craft is in his district.  Here's a picture of Elder Gonzalez with Elder Craft.

And here's a picture of the other 2 elders in Zac's district--Elder McClellan and Elder Muguerza.

They've already had a baptism since Zac arrived in Chao.  Zac is on the far right.

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