Tuesday, September 9, 2014

More New Foods

Here's an excerpt from Zac's email this week:

This week has been pretty good. I feel a lot more comfortable with the area and the people and everything. I´ve bonded a lot more with Elder Meaker. He´s hilarious. We have some pretty interesting intellectual discussions and a lot of not-so-intellectual ones as well haha. This week I ate liver, which I liked until I found out it was liver. I also ate cow stomach, which tasted alright but smelled kinda funny and was too squishy. Didn´t like it. . . . Yesterday Elder Meaker and I were walking through the market on our way to lunch, and we saw this shirtless guy wearing a baby mask beating a bucket with a stick and asking for donations. So there´s that. . . .

Here's a picture of Zac's pensionista, Flor and her husband, Overt.  This is the back of the restaurant where Zac eats lunch and dinner everyday.  You can see Elder Gonzalez's birthday cake that he was able to enjoy after he survived the birthday egging.

                                     Here is a picture of Zac's apartment:

                       And here are pictures of the building where the Church meets:

                                                     Zac with Elder Meaker:

 Finally, here's a quote I got from Elder Gonzalez's blog this week:  "Fun Fact: Peruvians don't have the mouth muscles required to say the word 'Farnsworth.'"

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