Wednesday, July 16, 2014

First Email From Zac!

I know Zac intends to send emails specifically for this blog but I thought I would share the first email we received from him this morning:

Hey guys! What a long crazy day yesterday was. I got to Lima and went through customs and everything and didn't find anybody to pick me up, so I waited for about an hour before i saw a group of missionaries that i met up with and then it was ok. We drove to the mtc on a big bus of about 40 missionaries. We saw a good amount of the city on the way there. It's really poor and there's graffiti everywhere. I saw a couple of wild dogs. Then I got to the mtc and got all my info, got my companion, Elder Hinman from Bellevue, Washington. He's a nice guy. There are five people in my room, me and my companion and then a tricompanionship. I like all the guys. I only got three hours of sleep last night because we got in so late but I'm feeling good. I only have six minutes so i cant send any pictures yet but i will next thursday i think. Also the plugs here are 220 volts and there is a sign that says not to use it unless we have a transformer? It says if we try to just use an adapter it will harm our electronics. So not sure what to do about that. Also I just met presidente gonzales a few minutes ago and he seems nice. Ok I have to go now!
Elder Farnsworth

I will copy and send any comments made on this page to Zac in our weekly communication with him so feel free to send any messages you want through this blog.

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