Thursday, February 19, 2015

First Week in Granados Area of Trujillo

Zac is very  happy to be in Trujillo!  He has a real mattress on his bed and no longer has to sleep on straw. He is also very happy to have a fan in his room since it's so hot there in the summer.  His new companion is Elder Vimahi from the San Francisco area (San Mateo) and he likes him a lot. He's now in a ward (Granados Ward) rather than a branch so the congregation is much bigger than the one in Chao. The ward has a piano but no one could remember the last time anyone could play so they were very glad that Zac was willing to play for the services on his first Sunday there. (It looks like those piano lessons won't be going to waste while he's in Peru.) We hope to have pictures of his new area next week but here are some pictures he took before he left Chao.

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