Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Thanks Neil! And an attempt at audio . . .

First of all, Zac thanks Neil for his letter and his highly entertaining method of applying postage (ask Neil).  Zac really appreciates physical letters.  So, if you have a chance to send him an old-fashioned letter or note please do.  Here is the address again for letters and/or packages:

Elder Zachary Farnsworth
Peru Trujillo Mission
Avenida Larco 849, Piso 3
Urb. La Merced
Trujillo, La Libertad

Zac also appreciated the comment posted by the LDSSA which I copied and pasted in my email to him as soon as it was posted. Thanks, Kylee!  Here is a picture of Zac's room:

I don't know what that wire is hanging down but it doesn't look very safe.  I guess they don't have a closet which is why their suit coats are hanging on the bedposts. 

Zac sent audio again this week. I'm attempting to post a portion of what he sent which wasn't meant for the blog but I don't think he'd mind if I posted it. 

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